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Rights and Freedom




Part 1: History

1.When was John A. MacDonald born?
2.When did John A. MacDonald start politics?
3.Which provinces did Sir Wilfrid Laurier help create?
4.Whats the famous battle that the Canada won?
5. Who is the first woman to be a senator?

Part 2: Geography

1. Name 2 provinces and its capital
2.Name 2 Lakes
3.Where is the Rocky Mountains located?
4.Whats the famous Waterfall?
5.What is the newest Territory?

Part 3: Government

1. Name 3 Federal Government Responsibilities
2.Name 3 Provincial Goverment Responsiblities
3.Name 3 Municipal Government Responsibilities the different parties
5.What kind of Government is Canada?

Part 4: Charter of Rights and Freedoms

1.What is freedom of speech?
2.What is freedom of thought?
3.Every citizen of Canada hs the right to _______.
4.What is Mobility Rights?
5. What is Legal Rights?
6.What is Enforcement?
7.Every Individual is ________
8.Everyone is entitled to?