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Rights and Freedom



Canadian History

A Canadian citizen should know the history of Canada such as how it came to be, when and who found it. A citizend should aso know some of the famous prime minister's (when,what famous political record they had and how long they were in the office) such as Sir John A. MacDonald he was born on January 11, 1815.He practiced law for a time, but found his true vocation when he was 29 years old he devoted himself to Canada .He started politics in the year 1844, years past and he died in 1891.There was also Sir Wilfrid Laurier he was born in November 20.1841, he studied at McGill University. He helped create the second transcontinental Railway in 1903 and he also help create the provinces Sasketchewan and Alberta in 1905. He was in the office for 15 years (1986 - 1911) and died in February 17 1919.Another famous Prime Minister is William Lyon Mackenzie he was born in December 17 1874, Sir William Lyon MacKenzie studied at University of Toronto, Harvard University and University of Chicago. He appointed the first woman senator Cairine Wilson in 1930, he also led Canada as prime minister throughout the second world war (1939 - 1945). He died in July 22 1950 and is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetary, Toronto , Ontario. There is also our current Prime Minister Jean Chretien who was in 1934, he studied law in Laval University. Some of the politcal record he has is the entrenched the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms into the constitution act 1982 and he appointed Bertha Wilson first justice of the supreme court of Canada 1982. He is currently living still in Ottawa as a French speaking Canadian and also 20th Prime Minister of Canada. A Canadian Citizen should also know about Canada's important events like the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Vimy Ridge is one of the greatest battles in Canada's history. For the first time in the Great War, all four Canadian divisions fought together on the same battlefield. Canadian valour and bravery brought a victory, not only for Canadians but for the entire Allied force. This battle was also the first time they fought under their own name. Another important even is the Stock Market crash which occurred on October 29 1929. This also called the "great depression", people got by the depression playing sports and activities to pass by time. Most families were evicted from their house because they did not have enough money to pay for housing. Family members would go to towns by " riding the rails" which means going to towns to look for jobs to help their family back home. A Canadian Citizen should know all of these facts to be a qualified citizen.