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Rights and Freedom




Canada is democratic, which means the people vote.

The federal government of Canada has many responsibilities, and deals with many issues. However, it does not deal with every issue. On the provincial government deals with many issues that are on the provincial level, and the municipal government deals with many issues on the municipal level. The following is a breakdown of the responsibilities of the different levels of government.
Federal government responsibilities:
  • National defense
  • Foreign diplomacy
  • International trade
  • Aboriginal affairs
  • Postal service
  • Banking system
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Criminal law
Provincial government responsibilities:
  • Education
  • Health services, hospitals
  • Some natural resources, environmental issues
  • Charities
  • Licenses
  • Highways
  • Provincial court systems
  • Provincial police/prisons
Municipal government responsibilities:
  • Public transit
  • Garbage collection and disposal services
  • Water and sewage
  • Snow removal
  • Fire protection services
  • Zoning land
  • Local police services
  • Collection of property taxes and fees for many licenses


  1. Liberals- party in power
  2. Ndp-official opposition
  3. Queen-monarchy
  4. Governer general- representative of queen