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Name: Tim Torreno
Nicks: LiLTiM, TJ, Gurmeet, Geek, Heero
Age: 20   Status: Single
Sex: M   Height: 5'5" - 5' 6"
Eye Color: Brown   Hair Color: Black
Nationality: Filipino
Occupation: Currently in School
Organization: BabaerO & Gurj
Words of Wisdom: Check Yourself, Know Yourself and then be Yourself

its finally over... my life as we know it has come to an end. okay maybe im being a little sarcastic. but the reason ive been happy for the past 2 months has made it final and decided to quit from the job. *sigh* now im back to being my lonely @$$. depressing isnt it. well that wont stop me from updating this lonely page. i mean this is the only thing that keeps me happy. the fact that i can redesign this to what i see fit. but dont expect this to be all bright and stuff... lol cause it wont be till i resolve all my personal problems... and that wont be for a while... anyways, i just want to say this "but even though i feel really sad, theres something i want to add, i still love
u this i send to u who broke my heart even though im just a friend!!"
thats a
line in one of my poems dedicated to u who have left me...i hope u know this!! anyways... ima go for now mamaya na lang!!!

Da Gurj: hahaha... we rule!! funny stuff gurjeet and gurlong!
BabaerO: U guys are the best! u guys were always there for me!! i got ur back!
Karen: thanks 4 everything, im grateful to have met u, thanks a plenty!!
Cris (h-town): well i hope ur feeling better! dont worry, things are bound to get better.
Maureen: hey maureen, hope ur not too sad no more. im glad to have made u smile!
Maybelline: sup?? hope u and howard are doing good. ill come visit sometime...
Mhae & Charm: thanks for being patient with me and not hating me for being an @$$
Rose: its good to have seen u again. its really nice spending an afternoon with you.
Jen: stop calling me loafter! just because im in sq 1 for 5hrs doesnt mean
Hazel (texas): hope the competition is doing good. hope to chat with u soon!
Tiff (winnipeg): hey tstar!! how are u?? long time no chat!! i like ur new design!!!
Ann (alberta): wassup yo?? hope u find ur perfect guy soon. talk to u later!!

last updated: 02/19/01