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waddup peeps... just got bored at school again. so what do i do when im bored?? i update this page. so here u go. this page isnt as good looking as the previous one. since what i notice is that my page seems eat a lot of resources (atleast in my own comp which i find very weird to me...) anyways. theres nothing much to this page but a couple of thoughts. some shoutz and stuff. and most importantly one pic!! hehehehe lol. ill put more when i get the time. one thing i can assure u peeps is that this page is still under constructionz so just look out for more stuff in the near future. i mean i have so many things i want to add but theres so little time for me to do it (yeah right im just too lazy to do it!!! lol) anyways hope u guys like the sudden change. oh by the way if ur asking why i chose the color yellow, well to put in simple words its the color i wish we have right now outside instead of that white stuff.... too cold!!!anyways enjoy!!!