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Name: Tim Torreno
Nicks: TJ, Timmy, Heero Yuy, liltim, geek
Age: 20 (im no longer a teen :[ )
Location: 905 area
Status: Single
Sex: Sure if u dont mind ...

Likes: Design, art, anime, rpgs, pool bb tea, chillin with my friends singing, poems, quake 2, not being single!

Dislikes: snobby big headed people who thinks there all that, personal problems, being called a flirt, being single, when people say theyre going to call back and they dont!!!!

hmmm... whats in my head right now??? TO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!! lol ... thats funny but true. it is. all i can think about right now is to have a girl. but im not that desperate for one. i mean im not gonna go walking around the mall trying to "chop" some girl just to get one. no way. besides i dont know how to pick up girls... if i do that ill prolly end up with a big slap right across my cute face (lol cute daw! what a joke!!)!!! anyways as far as right now. im going to be patient or atleast try to be as patient as i can. i am currently trying to decide if i should wait for a certain someone i like or just try and find me one? and no its not the same girl as before greg, dont worry. a lot of my friends keep telling me to move on. but isnt there a saying that says "good things come to those who wait"??? so what do u say to that?? huh??!! lol anyways... ill hit u guys back later okay... mamaya!!!

To The BabaerOs - weve been together now for quite some time. Through thick and thin we kept our friendship over everything (well almost everything i mean all of u BabaerOs with girls have been neglecting ur responsibility... lol). U guys are my first family. Greggy a big shoutz for u. i know things are a bit complicated right now. but no matter what happens u know u can count on me. I hope that this recent ordeal wont hinder our friendship. Goodluck on ur exams.
The Hung Hing Boys - in a word ... FUNNY. although the whole group only started about a month ago, i feel as if ive known u longer than that (well i do actually known u guys for like a year now lol!!)... ur a second family to me. and that alone is important to me. Jamee Ong, Shu Ke, Sammi & Grace Yip... if it werent for u HHB's i wouldnt have met them all. lol ... thanks a plenty!!
Mhae & Charm - just want to say sorry for all my recent mood outburst. my bad. i will be back to normal soon. and i promise to make it up to u guys.
Karen - a special shout out goes to u. cause for the past few weeks, ur the only one who seemed to help me get through my problems. u made me smile when i thought i couldnt. words cant describe what u did to me... and i will be forever thankful.