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name: tim torreno
age: 20
location: sauga (905)
status: single
likes: draw, sing, design, bball, RPGs, anime, jpop, pc & console gaming, bubble tea, pool, being with my friends
dislikes: haters, being a loner, being called a "FLIRT", having personal problems, feeling old... oh and shrimp!!
recent revelations: i hate being single, im taller than b4, im more mature, i can design, im a starcraft addict!! im a peaceful guy
words of wisdom: check urself, know urself and then be urself!!!

hey peeps. got bored at work so i decided to redesign my site. Hope u guys like it. a lot has happened during the past few weeks. and im glad to announce that i will be going back to school soon! WWHHOOHHOO! i for one is happy since im getting sick of workin. but with school comes a lot of problems. for one thing since i wont be working anymore (atleast full time) i wont have the cash no more. so ill be broke and well have to live off someone else. either that or just dont spend money. hehehe and i know i can do that. cause im a cheap bastard!!! hahaha.

as for my love life. same old same old. atleast with me going to school ill finally get to see peeps my age. im getting sick of the people at work (except the ones that i actually talk to) i mean being with them has made me feel old and i dont really like that. plus it doesnt really help that im the youngest out of everybody at work!!! oh man... im just so glad for the time being. i mean i know once im back at school ill hate it ... hahaha!! FFOOHH SSUURREE!!! anyways ima bounce for now. ill keep u guys inform if anything juicy comes up... mamaya...

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