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July 7th, 2001 ; 12:00 pm
So what are the changes you ask??? well for one thing i changed the whole look of the site. I was happy with the old design but ive realized that i gotta do the site the way i want it to look. Which is a more graphical look. Besides the face lift, theres a lot of new pics that i will try and add cause i got my digital camera back and weve been using a lot for the past year. Anyways hope u like the change... aight ima bounce!! Peace Out!!

~ LiLTiM ~

Yes finally a damn update!!! Sorry to all the peeps out there thats been wanting an update for the past year. Ive been real busy with life and i had to prioritize my time accordingly i guess this site was somewhere in the bottom of my list. Anyways sorry for the lack of updates. My BAD!!!